Most of our customers are familiar with Sake, the traditional alcoholic drink of Japan. But did you know that Sake is as varied as wine? There is a huge variety of types of Sake in Japan and Syun Izakaya has an excellent selection, from all regions of Japan, in all price ranges.

Different Sake regions produce flavor distinctions due to climate, water characteristics, the type of rice used and the brewing method. Some Sakes are earthy, some are fruity. Others are light and delicate or dry and crisp.

Because Sake has half the acid of wine, it pairs extremely well with a variety of Japanese foods such as grilled fish, chicken, sashimi, and sushi.

Syun Izakaya has one of the largest selections of Sake in the Pacific Northwest.

If you are new to Sake, you might want to try one of our “Sake Flights.” We have 3 different “Sake Flights” to choose from. Each flight is a sampling of 3 different types of Sake. Think of it as Sake tasting. It is a good way to try small amounts different varieties. Also, our staff is very knowledgeable and they can help you understand the different varieties as you enjoy your flight.

Sake by the bottle $10 - $120 (180ml - 720ml)


We sell Sake by the glass or the bottle. If your purchase a bottle and do not finish it, we will keep it for you inside our restaurant , with your name on it, for your next visit. We will keep it for 100 days. And since the cost is lower by the bottle compared with by the glass, it is a good way for you to be economical. This is a common practice in Japanese pub style restaurants.

Shochu is the traditional hard liquor drink of Japan. Think of it as a Japanese vodka although usually with a slightly lower alcohol content. It is made from sweet potatoes or from barley and also comes in many varieties.

Syun Izakaya has one of the largest selections of Shochu in the Pacific Northwest.

We also carry a wide selection of imported and domestic wines and beers, including local microbrews on tap, in addition to a full cocktail menu.

Wine typically has an alcohol content of 12-15%.
Sake typically has an alcohol content of 15-20%.
Sochu typically has an alcohol content of 20-40% (40-80 proof).

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